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For only $20 per year you can use Adobe Track & Send cloud based system to perform the mundane task of sending a large document. It would seem a solution for such a task would have been resolved ages ago and for most conscientious emailer – they have already figured out ways to send emails with smaller attachment by splitting up files or reducing them by removing bloated images from it. However there is the occasion where you need to transfer big files to each other and unless you are a more than average tech person – it will be a nearly impossible task.

Adobe Send & Track Image

Just to side track a bit, if you have a hosted website or some location where FTP is possible that is usually the way to transfer big files. The steps would be to upload the file to such hosted website location in a hidden area, and then provide the URL to recipient so they can download. This task sounds simple but it is definitely too complicated for the average user. Plus there is still something quite unpolished about this method – mainly the fact that you don’t know when they downloaded the item. Secondly you often forget and just leave these files up on the hosted site which seems a bit messy.

On average attachment limits are around 10 – 20 MB. It is better to error on the lower end because it is both the sender and receiver that need to be below the threshold. So in general if you are a company that deals with big files – this adobe product might be the perfect thing for you. Dropbox is another good option.