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Virtual Servers

Maybe it is best to describe what a virtual server is and why it was created. Virtual servers are servers such as Microsoft Windows servers that run virtualized within one physical box. This means 2 or 3 virtual servers can run on a single physical server. This was done because most servers resources are never fully utilized. Having virtual server setup captures the full resources of the physical server and it give it huge flexibility as to add / remove resources as you go. In additional to adding more virtual servers if needs arise.

Most new setups are done with some virtualization to tap into the great benefits. Here is a list of these benefits

  • Flexibility – Ability add / remove servers. Add/remove resources.
  • Greater manageability
  • Lower cost by having only one physical machine
  • Greener – yes it saves on your energy bill
  • Ability to extend the life of older servers by virtualization they can reside on newer hardware
  • Ability to take snapshots of the server for later recovery

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