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Remote Access and VPN

Remote access can change the way a company works. It is a convenience that most organizations like to have, where they can work from out of the office setting or telecommute from home. Sometimes organization are dispersed and key team member work from a different state. In all these scenarios a highly functional VPN or remote access capability is vital.

What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an encryption method that allow remote access to the company network within a highly encrypted tunnel. Remote access can be handled in many ways, but using a VPN is the best because of it security value.

What can I do remotely what does this look like?

Depending on the setup and your needs your remote experience may vary. In general there are 3 different ways a user remotes into their system. Once is to actually just take over their office desktop. Another is to setup Outlook and receive emails on their remote machines while connecting to the company network to access the data drive. Lastly a RDS server is deployed and they would actually peel off a desktop from the server to access their information. The most important thing to remember though is any or all of these methods can be setup – it really depends one what you want.

What can Prometheum do to help with our remote access?

We have setup numerous remote access setups. In general we will guide you in getting the right parts to provide the highest security (VPN) and ease of use. We’ll set it up and setup the correct application for remote access and train you on the process to getting you going remotely.

Contact us to go over your options and get you on the road to work out of the office.

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