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Cloud Based IT Consulting Solutions
Cloud Based IT Consulting Solutions
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Why Prometheum

Solutions Provider, Not Technology Sellers

We always want to provide the right solution for your business needs. As soon as you meet us you will know, we are trying to understand and solve your issues, not sell you various technologies or long term service contracts. Technology can be complicated and businesses can easily get lost in trying to make the right decision. We are here to provide an honest assessment  and recommendation on your behalf. Bottom line – we are not trying to be the biggest IT firm, we are trying to be the most trustworthy one.


Our Stable and Friendly Staff

We’ve been in business since 1999. Our staff member have been with us on average for over 11 years. This means we have a very stable and experience group. Our staff enjoys doing this sort of work and enjoys working with a variety of clients.


Straight-forward Relationship

To the way we provide IT service and to the way we do our billing it is completely straight-forward and simple. We have one competitive hourly rate and do not charge for travel time or parking fees. We only have a 1 hour minimum when we see you onsite to do work. To reach us you will have a dedicated IT consultant who you will call directly. There is no complex ticketing system or intermediary person that will log your calls and have you wait for a call back.


Reliable, Quick Support and Communications

We know what it means when you are out there waiting for a resolution to your computer issues. Our promise is that we will be there for you to give you immediate call backs and let you know exactly where we are at in resolving your concerns. We want to eliminate any uncertainty by providing fast support and always communicating with you so you know where you are at.


The Cautious Approach

We understand your data is everything to your business. When it comes to an approach at resolving major issues we approach it with caution and consideration. We think through the various options and always do the riskiest solution last. This seems like a simple thing, but it is still worth expressing.


The Security Fight

More and more network security is becoming the single most important factor for our clients. We live and breath security. We do the little things to tighten your system and prevent a potential threat. Our staff have participated in comprehensive security audits for clients and we are currently Business Associate (BA) ready for HIPAA compliance.