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About Prometheum Technologies

Providing IT Consulting Services in Chicago

Prometheum Technologies have been working on behalf of our clients since 1999. We have designed and implemented network infrastructures for numerous clients of all various industries and sizes. We have also provided reliable IT support for business in all stages of their growth and change. We have seen many generations of technology come and go, but we understand the basic business needs of Chicago companies have remained. Businesses need stability and reliability when it comes to their network infrastructure. Businesses also need a dedicated IT consulting team to lean on for unexpected problems and future vision for their systems.

It is with this experience that give us a unique leg up in helping your business. With an initial meeting we can gather enough information and guide you to improve and become more cost effective in regards to your IT needs. It is more than just understanding the new technologies, it is how they will apply to a clients needs and also the knowledge of their long term benefits and pitfalls. It is also getting a feel for the clients adoption rate and budget and setting them on a gradual path to the best infrastructure.

Prometheum Technologies can be your IT partner to assess what you have and guide where you can go. Call us today.