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Chicago Backup Solution Protection Image
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Backup and Recovery Solutions

Company files and emails are the most essential asset for any company. To lose this would mean disaster for any organization. Chicago backup solutions is what we provide.

What are common situations for incomplete backups?
  • Having backups be overlooked – a “let’s take care of it tomorrow” attitude
  • Wrongful assumption that full backups are being done, when they are not
  • Backups not done regularly enough so the gaps between backups become an area of concern
  • Storage for backup becomes full or corrupt
  • No one monitoring the backup situation
  • No off site plan for backup
  • No testing of recovery of backup

Backup and disaster recovery is by far one of the most vexing IT tasks and to do it properly someone with a deep knowledge is important to make sure your backup is done right and is working as expected.

We have a simple 7 checklist rule to make sure your backups are right
  1. Are all important data being backed up?
  2. In case of server setups are full server backups being done?
  3. Are they run daily so each night backups are captured?
  4. Is there an off-site backup solution?
  5. Are the backups monitored regularly?
  6. Have the backups / recovery process been proven?
  7. Is the client clear about the backup solution?

All backups do not need to follow these rules exactly but they should have close adherence. Only an experienced IT consultant can take a look at your overall network and make a clear assessment if your backup solution is complete will achieved what you expect.

What types of solutions can we provide?

Our backup solutions range from a completely touch-less system to very cost effective solution. We like to tailor fit backup solutions to match you data backup needs and your budget.

What about cloud backup solutions?

We believe strongly in cloud solutions to cover the offsite backup criteria for a proper backup. We can present you with great cloud based backup solutions or have a solution with a combination of onsite backup appliance and offsite backup.

What experience does Prometheum have with Disaster Recovery?

Prometheum Technologies provides Chicago backup solutions. We have dealt with numerous disaster recovery situations. When a system goes down because of hardware or software issues, you need a clear plan of action to get back on track. We believe with a great combination of backup solutions and clear written recovery solution we can provide the piece of mind to know your business data is protected.

Chicago backup solutions

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