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Managed IT services allow your business to delegate the worries of IT concerns to highly trained professionals. On top of knowing that if any problems arise it will be covered by the monthly flat fee, you also get many added bonuses that you may not have thought about.

Rush to resolve

With issues that are hard to pin down, such as wireless connectivity issues or odd intermittent problems that pop up, when you have a managed IT service plan – these issues will be completely covered under that plan. Because of this model – business’ can be less concerned about the hours and cost it takes to resolve the issues. This works both ways, where the consulting firm feels less pressure to get to a quick work around and allows them to spend the time to tackle the problem more thoroughly. This means more time to research and test out various solutions. In the end a less stressful and thought-out solution can be achieved.

Backup monitored by experts

Backups are something that has always worried business and figuring out who will be the keeper of this important task is always a difficult task. Having a managed IT service will allow this tedious but important task to be handled by the IT consulting firm. Not only will the firm have trained experts to perhaps see things that a business employee cannot, such as if data is starting to fill out the media, but they will dedicate time to correct any issues they see on the horizon.

Documentation of your IT Infrastructure

All documentation will be created and keep current. Because documentation is often overlooked or one might feel there is no need to pay for good documentation. A managed IT service will provide this added bonus as a part of the plan. Documentation is so important for many reasons, but mostly it is important when if you need to make a change in IT firm or if you have grown big enough to hire someone full time.

Microsoft Security Updates

Updates will be regularly done to your servers and workstations. Managed IT services will do this regularly and often devise a vulnerability test on a monthly basis to determine which updates are needed.

Regular Visits

It is not uncommon to have your IT consulting make a visit to resolve various issues big and small. These visits can be scheduled in advance and really allow a business to fine tune any problems they have been having. Maybe look into Office product quirkiness or help to create a Microsoft Word template, whatever we can help out with we will definitely try.

In conclusion having a managed IT service plan will allow your company to be more fully serviced when it comes to your IT needs. On top of the pro-active aspects, it will also allow your business to take advantage of hidden advantages such as documentation and backup monitoring. Feel free to contact us or learn more about our managed IT services.