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It looks like Windows XP support Ends April 2014. What does that mean for the current XP user? Will they need to get off of Windows XP operating system immediately? Is this just a marketing ploy by Microsoft?

The bottom line is if your XP computer is running fine, I would keep going with it. The end of support is just reality that Microsoft needs to do – to acknowledge that no more security updates will be available. The question is this: Are the security updates that valuable? For some users who tend to leave themselves more exposed by either where they go on the Internet might be effect slightly, but overall I don’t believe they matter that much.

If you want to be a bit cautious you can do the following:

  • Make sure you backup everything – either to an external hard drive or somewhere on the cloud
  • Make sure you have some anti-virus and regularly clean malware with Malwarebytes
  • Be more cautious when going through the Internet or what you open via email

As far as it being a marketing ploy for Microsoft, that is hard to say. It is true that at some point they need to discontinue support for older operating systems, it just makes sense to do this. However forcing their users to get off of XP might not be the greatest move in the face of so many options there are to replace it – that is not Microsoft based.

Microsoft Windows XP did have a successful run and in many respects it may have been one of the most successful OS. Here you can read more on the end of life for this Microsoft product.