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Now that XP end of life has passed, it appears that the world still hasn’t ended for XP users. They are probably still using the computer the day after as they were the day before.

Looking over Microsoft’s website, they state that Microsoft Security Essentials, which is Microsoft’s free antivirus application will not be downloadable on XP machines, however if it has been downloaded before, it will continue to be supported up to July 2015.

However for those using another antivirus application such as Bitdefender and Kaspersky you can continue to work with XP past that date. In fact they will support XP up to 2018.

Applications such as Quickbooks 2014 also still support XP as long as SP3 is installed.

Now what are the next steps? Microsoft is offering an instant $100 savings and free data transfer if you purchase a computer through them. In addition they are providing 90 days of free phone support to assist you from getting off of XP to a new machine. But who ever purchased a PC from Microsoft?

With staggering statistics such as 29% of PCs use XP it is apparent it will be around for near future.

I think what will shift these XP out the door are a new application which people will want, but will not install on these machines. It can be a new browser or a new iTunes like application – but more likely something we have never even seen at this point and time.