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Here are 5 reasons to upgrade to Windows 8.1

  1. First it is a free upgrade, takes about 40 minutes but the process is pretty painless and should have very little issues. The incremental upgrade is well worth time since it will fix up several nuisances from Windows 8.
  2. The Start button is back. Fumbling around for the Start button is the first thing that will happen with Windows 8 users coming from Windows 7. Change is inevitable, but it would have been nice to give the option for Windows 8 users to switch to a more familiar interface if they choose to do so, now Windows 8.1 give that ability. What is the drawbacks, the programs list that comes out of the start button is still not quite what you think, it is more a modified “metro tile” look, but none the less it is moving in a right direction.
  3. Boot to desktop – is the best feature. Now you can feel comfortable beginning in a desktop environment. You just have to make some minor configuration adjustments and now the default will be a desktop upon boot-up.
  4. Move to Internet Explorer 11. Apparently it is speedier than Chrome and other competitors and you can open an unlimited number of tabs.
  5. Better Search. The new search feature is more streamlined and doesn’t take over the screen. It also is set to search for everything so a more complete search can be accomplished quickly.

Overall the feedback has been heard by Microsoft and changes are being made to please the users.